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Osteoporosis is caused by changing the balance

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Osteoporosis is caused by changing the balance

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Osteoporosis is caused by changing the balance between bone formations and desorption. Around age 30, the bone density is greatest and after your 45th is more bone is broken down than created. Kyle Leon the most professional fitness experts

This gradual process of bone loss called Osteoporosis. If the bone density then further decreases, it can turn into osteoporosis.

Osteoporosis literally means porous bone or bone with holes. The boundary between Osteoporosis and osteoporosis is difficult to draw. Formally, the term osteoporosis applies where by means of a DXA scan a T-value of -2.5 (or lower) is established. At a T-score between -1 and -2.5 we speak of Osteoporosis


Osteoporosis you notice anything. It does not hurt and you have no symptoms. Only when you osteoporosis pain experienced by example vertebral collapse. In addition to osteoporosis, the risk of fractures due to low bone density much greater


Both men and women can get Osteoporosis, but it is more common in women. The bone loss in women is faster than in men. This is because women in transition produce less estrogen. This hormone protects against bone loss. Become A Muscle Builder

Once during and after the transition, the formation of the female sex hormones largely ceases, in the bones occurs at an accelerated degradation of bone mineral. For that reason, we see Osteoporosis and osteoporosis is more common in women.


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